Tool fans, prepare to be impressed. One of the band's signature tracks, 'Lateralus,' which we recently named the greatest metal song of the 21st century, has been covered acoustically by musician Sambo Ray Jr. Putting your own spin on the complex 'Lateralus' is impressive enough, but Sambo doesn't only cover the part of Adam Jones, he brings the role of drummer Danny Carey into the mix.

Sambo Ray, Jr. has released imaginative covers of Pantera's 'Mouth for War' and Slayer's 'Seasons in the Abyss' in the past, gaining the attention of metal fans and office workers worldwide. In Sambo's acoustic Tool cover, the musician successfully retains the atmosphere of the alt-metal phenoms while adding a large dose of imagination.

Using his left hand to work the fretboard of his guitar, Sambo tackles Jones' part while the acoustic musician utilizes his right hand mostly to recreate the masterful drumming of Danny Carey. Sambo hits different points on his guitar's body to produce the correct pitch of the drums hit by Carey at any given time. For those of you who have seen Tool live, you'll know that the drummer's kit is massive and houses a ton of different percussion pieces, proving Sambo's farfetched cover to be even more impressive.

Check out Sambo Ray, Jr.'s cover of Tool's 'Lateralus' in the video above!

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