March Metal Madness 2014 has come to an end and the winner has been revealed. In our quest to find the greatest metal album released so far in the 21st century, fans from all over the world made their voices heard, electing Tool's 'Lateralus' as our March Metal Madness 2014 champion!

Tool faced phenomenal competition throughout our MMM bracket, initially defeating Cynic's masterful 'Traced in Air' album in Round 1. 'Lateralus' went on to defeat Cannibal Corpse's 'Kill' before taking out Pantera's only 21st century album, 'Reinventing the Steel.' The momentum continued in the semifinals, as Tool scored a victory over System of a Down's monumental record 'Toxicity.'

In the Final Round of this year's March Metal Madness, Tool faced Slipknot's 'Iowa,' and with a surprisingly large margin of votes separating the two albums, 'Lateralus' came out on top.

Congratulations to Tool and their fans for naming 'Lateralus' the greatest metal album of the 21st century!


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