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Rock and excess go hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other. Take Lemmy, for example. Up until a few years ago he smoked, drank whiskey and cavorted with strippers on a daily basis and could still go onstage and kick our ass. Now doctors have told him he needs to slow down. Which, in Lemmy’s case, is kind of like trying to turn a lion into a vegan. It ain’t gonna happen overnight.

This doesn’t mean I’m condoning a lifestyle of drink and drugs but you can bet your last oxy that our rock idols have written and recorded some DAMN GOOD songs under the influence. These addictive anthems are listed not in the order of their deadly poisons but their deadly heaviness. For recreational use only. Here are the Top 10 Songs About Drugs:

  • 10

    "Use the Man"


    Uncontrolled Substance: Heroin

    Lyrical HIGH-light:Just one shot to say goodbye / One last taste to mourn and cry…

    If I were Dave Mustaine and knew I’d have to spend the rest of my life answering questions about my former band (or had written Risk) I’d wanna stick myself AND everyone else with something sharp.

  • 9

    "Stoned and Drunk"

    Black Label Society

    Uncontrolled Substance: Pills & Alcohol

    Lyrical HIGH-light:Hide my fears and kill my doubts, whatever’s in my way…

    I love the former Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt. Like I said on That Metal Show, "Zakk went from looking like an 18-year-old chick to someone who would abduct an 18-year-old chick."

  • 8

    "A Passage to Bangkok"


    Uncontrolled Substance: Marijuana

    Lyrical HIGH-light:Sweet Jamaican pipe dreams, Golden Acapulco nights…

    Of course these crazy Canadians partook in the sweetest leaf. Who else would write a songs that take up entire album sides? Not to mention Roll the Bones (yeah, sure they’re dice).

  • 7

    "Mr. Brownstone"

    Guns N' Roses

    Uncontrolled Substance: Heroin

    Lyrical HIGH-light:I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do so the little got more and more…

    New reality show idea: Taking over where Dancing With the Stars’ left off is Dancing With Mr. Brownstone. Twelve of the most strung-out D-level (“D” for “Dope”) celebrities compete to see who can survive a monthlong smack binge.

  • 6

    "Dead Men Tell No Tales"


    Uncontrolled Substance: Heroin

    Lyrical HIGH-light:But if you’re doing smack, you won’t be coming back…

    Lemmy once said that heroin is the only drug he’s ever seen kill someone and that’s why he’s never done it. In all fairness, heroin probably wouldn’t stand a chance in Lemmy’s blood stream.

  • 5



    Uncontrolled Substance: Heroin & Cocaine

    Lyrical HIGH-light:You can’t part the three of us once we got a hold…

    The Toxic Twins Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are one-half of one of the greatest American rock bands but their drug-fueled meltdowns brought Aerosmith to its knees. Now bands meltdown if they don’t have their gluten-free rice cakes backstage.

  • 4

    "Just One Fix"


    Uncontrolled Substance: Heroin

    Lyrical HIGH-light:Life keeps slipping away / Fighting in a war with damnation…

    Uncle Al has had more than his share of experiences with the brown. He recounts a story in his terrific and terrifying autobiography about the time he had sex with Courtney Love but not before making her shave down below and stealing her heroin. Extra junkie points for naming one of his albums Dark Side of the Spoon.

  • 3

    "Master of Puppets"


    Uncontrolled Substance: Cocaine

    Lyrical HIGH-light:Pain monopoly, ritual misery, chop your breakfast on a mirror…

    Nope it’s not a song about Jim Henson or even the folks at Crank Yankers. This is a good, old-fashioned journey through a snowblind mind set to music that only makes you think you’ve just snorted every white line on the highway.

  • 2


    Black Sabbath

    Uncontrolled Substance: Cocaine

    Lyrical HIGH-light:Crystal world with winter flowers turn my days to frozen hours…

    By his own admission Ozzy has scored more 8-balls in his life than Minnesota Fats. So who better to write a song about cocaine than … Geezer Butler (well you didn’t think Ozzy wrote it, did you?).

  • 1

    The Entire "Dirt" Album

    Alice in Chains

    Uncontrolled Substance: Heroin

    Lyrical HIGH-light:Nothing better than a dealer who’s high. Be high, convince them to buy…

    Okay, maybe not every song is about the Big H but with tunes like "Junkhead," "Sickman" and "God Smack" it’s bound to be the feel-bad hit of the decade. RIP Layne.

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