It’s that time of year again, where pumpkin carving, consuming massive amounts of candy and dressing up as various pop culture phenomenons are the norm. But what would Halloween be without the perfect soundtrack for all of these activities? For a variety of tunes from different bands, check out our list of the Top 13 Halloween Songs That Rock. But for this list, Godsmack take over. There are many bands who have the talent to invoke a supernatural, Halloween-ish vibe throughout their music, and Godsmack are among the best at it. So, get your spook on as Loudwire presents the Top 10 Godsmack Halloween Songs:

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    'Make Me Believe'

    From 'Faceless' (2003)

    Blast this song when you break out the Ouija board this Halloween. It’ll get the blood pumping for sure even for the skeptics, complete with lyrics such as “I’m walking along with the dead / Will I ever feel like I once did?” If that Ouija board does its job, you’re bound to feel very different.

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    From 'Awake' (2000)

    Godsmack made an anthem for vampires long before ‘Twilight’ and ‘True Blood’ came along. The band scooped up a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Rock Performance for ‘Vampires.’ The track also manages to keep a level of creepiness especially since there is no mention of vampires glowing in the song.

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    'Livin' in Sin'

    From 'IV' (2006)

    It’s Halloween and let’s face it, most of us will be living in sin, regretting much of what we did when we wake up the next morning. This is the perfect song to listen to while basking in your regret as you try to remember why you woke up next to someone in a Charlie Sheen mask.

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    'Saints and Sinners'

    From 'The Oracle' (2010)

    So, not all of us will be “livin’ in sin.” There might be a few saints mixed in. According to Sully Erna, he’s “One part saint and two part sinner / And the last part is still on the line.” Aren’t we all? Whether you’re a saint or a sinner, you can appreciate the heavy bass lines in this Godsmack song.

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    'No Rest for the Wicked'

    From 'IV' (2006)

    When it comes to Oct. 31, one could say that there is “no rest for the wicked,” but Godsmack says it best with this track. The chorus of the song sounds like one heck of a Halloween party as Erna sings “Gonna fly / Takin' my time / Strip down to nothing / Gonna try / But there's no rest for the wicked.”

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    'Bad Religion'

    From 'Godsmack' (1998)

    ‘Bad Religion’ seems appropriate for the Halloween lovers who might want to just stay in and chillax. So, allow yourself to enter into another dimension as you contemplate what Sully Erna means as he belts out “It’s a bad religion / From a broken nation.”

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    'Devil's Swing'

    From 'The Oracle' (2010)

    Certain people may feel that the Halloween holiday is a devilish one. Well, if it's that way for you, why not crank this song up and do the 'Devil’s Swing' to get the party started? Complete with heavy drum patterns, crashing cymbals and a dueling harmonica and guitar solo, who wouldn’t want to be “dancing to the devil’s swing?”

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    'Bad Magick'

    From 'Awake' (2000)

    If you're dabbling in 'Bad Magick' this Halloween, then this may be the song for you. One of the most epic parts of the track is when Erna sings “Getting back / Back on track / Get off of my back,” which is a line that just about everyone can appreciate. But remember, this 'Magick' show isn't for kids!

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    'Releasing the Demons'

    From 'Faceless' (2003)

    Inner demons may come out at the end of October and Godsmack have the perfect song for that. 'Releasing the Demons' features  lyrics like, “It’s all these demons haunting me / Its all these little things trapped inside of me / Releasing me from all my sin.” If this song doesn’t scare the Reese’s Pieces out of trick or treaters, who knows what will.

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    From 'Godsmack' (1998)

    One of the most popular Godsmack songs is also one of the most Halloween friendly. 'Voodoo' has an eerie feel to it with its rattling percussion, deep bass lines and trademark vocals of Erna. Lyrics such as “Demons dreaming / Breathe in / Breathe in / I’m coming back again" make it that much creepier.