We’ve got to give a ton of respect to Trap Them vocalist Ryan McKenney. While performing at Bloodshedfest in the Netherlands, McKenney broke both his feet after jumping from a speaker. Despite his injuries, Ryan finished the gig and has continued touring.

2016 isn’t just the year of the reunion… it’s the year of the broken foot! In 2016 alone, Axl Rose, Megadeth’s David Ellefson and Carcass’ Jeff Walker have cracked a foot and continued to perform. Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares also injured a foot this year and committed to finish the band’s string of dates. Ryan McKenney now joins the Broken Foot Club, likely as it’s new leader since he wrecked both feet.

The exact moment McKenney injured himself hasn’t been revealed, but a photo taken about a minute before Ryan’s injuries was shared by a fan via Instagram:

Fan-shot footage (seen above) of Trap Them’s Oct. 15 Eindhoven gig shows the vocalist post-fall, using onstage monitors to prop himself up while continuing to perform. Just two days later, another fan shared a photo of McKenney performing in London. Sitting in an office chair with a nasty black eye and both legs covered in casts, Ryan still gave his crowd the best show possible:

It may not be the throne used by Dave Grohl and Axl Rose when they went down, but it does the job. Trap Them’s vicious new album, Crown Feral, is now available via Prosthetic Records. Click here to grab a copy.

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