Update: In the wake of David Ellefson's broken foot, Megadeth also canceled Saturday night's (July 16) performance at the Harley Days festival in Slovakia and their Sunday appearance (July 17) at the Masters of Rock festival in the Czech Republic. Dave Mustaine issued a brief video message on the Masters of Rock cancellation that can be seen here.

Last night (July 15) Megadeth were slated to perform at the Rockmaraton Festival in Dunaujvaros, Hungary, but had to cancel the show when bassist David Ellefson broke his foot backstage before the band went on. After planning to save the show, mainman Dave Mustaine informed the crowd that Megadeth would not be playing.

Mustaine announced the news about the broken foot to his fans on Periscope, stating, "So we’re here backstage and David Ellefson was walking across the ground and fell and just broke his foot. So we’re going to be a little bit late going on tonight. Just want to warn you guys; I need everybody out there to just pray hard right now that he’ll heal.”

Imploring his bandmate not to worry, Mustaine placed Ellefson's health as highest priority, adding, "Get a real cast, don't mess around with this. The fans will wait for you. Don't stress. I'm not stressing; you're more important, okay?" The bassist then joked with the fans, "I'll have to have my own throne, it seems to be the trend," referring to the guitar throne Dave Grohl and Axl Rose used while mending a broken leg and broken foot respectively.

Rockmaraton released a statement regarding the incident, stating (translation via TeamRock,

The bassist has a foot bone fracture and Megadeth are unable to perform. Organizers immediately called an ambulance and Ellefson was transported to St. Pantaleon hospital where his foot was placed in a cast.
Despite the injury, he was in a good mood and was taking selfies with the paramedics on the way back to the venue when it still seemed that the band would perform.
Lead singer Dave Mustaine decided to cancel the show despite Ellefson’s desire to perform with his foot in a cast. Mustaine then went on stage to announce the cancellation to the crowd.

Megadeth have been touring in support of this year's standout record, Dystopia, which also saw Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler make his first recording appearance with the thrash legends. After pulling double duty in both Lamb of God and Megadeth through half of the year, he has been replaced by Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren. The move was made official on July 14 earlier this week as Verbeuren came under high recommendation from Adler himself. Verbeuren has since stepped down from Soilwork.

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