On Saturday (Aug. 29), Trivium played a set of deep cuts live on Twitch. Amid the 16-song performance, the band paid tribute to late Power Trip singer Riley Gale, who died at the age of 34 on Aug. 24, with a cover of the Nightmare Logic favorite "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)."

An hour-and-a-half into the set, Matt Heafy took a moment to honor Gale, who was a founding members of the rising thrash stars. "Talking about love and talking about good times," said Trivium's frontman after recollecting how he began his side venture on streaming platform Twitch, "we had the pleasure of touring with Power Trip on one of our greatest U.K./European tours and that tour was absolutely unbelievable."

"All of us band and crew got to know Riley quite a bit," Heafy went on, explaining to viewers, "Riley recently passed away at the age of 35 [edit: 34] a couple days ago. I feel like Power Trip was one of the very few bands that weren't 'newer' but they were newer to the world scene and I think they had a better shot of becoming one of the biggest metal/crossover/hardcore bands on the planet."

Offering some encouragement, Heafy added, "I know that those guys can still pull it together and I hope they can still pull it together and do what they do. Riley will be greatly missed. Everyone remembers him as being an undeniably incredible frontman which he was with a voice that sounded like no one else. I think Power Trip was doing something very different that other people weren't doing and it was amazing they were able to bring so many fans of so many different genres into one band. So we want to pay tribute here and play a little song, we hope we do it a little bit of justice."

Furthermore, he prefaced the cover selection, having stated, "Everyone always knows Riley for the heavy, intense sets and stuff like that but he was a really kind, awesome guy. He was very much so into what I was doing with Twitch and what we were doing with Twitch. He'd always ask me and he wanted to start a channel. We'd talk about games a lot and comics and food so yeah we miss him and we hope we do this justice. We hope Power Trip keeps going. This is for Riley."

Trivium then played the intro riff to the opening Nightmare Logic track "Soul Sacrifice" before going into "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)." Watch the video toward the bottom of the page and view Trivium's complete deep cut set list below as well.

Also over the weekend, Power Trip expressed their gratitude to the outpouring of love and remembrance for their late singer. "We would like to thank all the fans, friends, and people around the world who have shown us so much love and support over the last several days," wrote the band on social media, concluding, "Thank you for honoring Riley and continuing to share your stories, memories, and photos. May his legacy live on forever."

Gale's family has also asked that fans who wish to show support for the late musicians can make a donation to Dallas Hope Charities.

Trivium Livestream 'The Deepest Cuts' Set List — Aug. 29, 2020

01. “Bending The Arc To Fear”
02. “A Skyline’s Severance”
03. “Ascendancy”
04. “Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven”
05. “Detonation”
06. “No Way To Heal”
07. “Scattering The Ashes”
08. “Dusk Dismantled”
09. “To The Rats”
10. “The Revanchist”
11. “Of Prometheus And The Crucifix”
12. “When All Light Dies”
13. “Suffocating Sight”
14. “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” (Power Trip cover)
15. “Torn Between Scylla & Charybdis”
16. “The Ones We Leave Behind”

Trivium, "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)" — Power Trip Cover With "Soul Sacrifice" Intro

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