The cover fun continues for Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee. Over the last few months, we've seen the singer take on Portishead's "It'a a Fire," rework the arrangement on U2's "With or Without You" and show off her pipes on Led Zeppelin's "Going to California." Lee's latest video cover finds her rocking out Chris Isaak's 1995 favorite "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing."

As heard in the video above, Lee takes what was initially a bluesy track with a catchy beat and rocks it up a bit with the help of Will Hunt and Chad Copelin. Lee posted the video on her Facebook page with a bit of explanation of why the song became her latest cover. She explained, "This cover and I have history. We've been through a lot together! It all started back in '09. I'm always on the lookout for a chance to write for film, and the people making Cabin in the Woods wanted a cover of this song for the scene where a girl is dared to make out with a taxidermy wolf head on the wall. Gotta love it! We were hanging out writing together anyway, so I decided to take a stab at it with my collaborator and friend, Will Hunt (producer/owner of Spaceway Studios in Ft. Worth). They sent us the scene to write to and we had a blast making a short part of this version- we LOVED it! …They didn't! Ha. And so it goes."

Lee continues, "We went ahead and finished out the song in my studio just for us, and after many late night jams with friends decided it was too cool to waste -- it was going on the next album. That album was the first time I watched something I was working on totally blow up in my face. The suits had a change of heart during a frustrating recording process and I was told that none of the songs I'd been pouring my heart into for a year, in any form, were good enough -- time to start over. I was devastated. I was furious. I was determined to take control of the situation and use it to push myself forward. It ended up making me angry enough to write Evanescence's heaviest album -- which I love- -- and we did end up using three songs from the original project, but I was still left feeling unsatisfied about what I lovingly refer to as my 'broken record.'"

The singer concludes, "I've believed, mostly alone, in this damaged little handful of unfinished recordings for five years -- and for the first time, I own them. I plan to finish some, re-do some, and probably keep a couple to myself. Since this one is a cover, I decided to mix it the way I wanted it and put it out alongside the covers I've been doing lately. It feels SO good to finally share it! SWEET RELEASE!"

If you're not familiar with the Chris Isaak original, we've posted the video below for you to check out. It's featured on his Forever Blue album and later received placement in the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film Eyes Wide Shut.

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