It's been a just couple of weeks since the scheduled 24-date “Evening With Primus and Clutch” summer tour kicked off, but it's been anything but a day at the beach for the latter, who have been trotting out new material on audiences left and right. Last week in Mankato, Minn. (Aug. 2), the Maryland rockers cranked out three new tracks.

Opening their 17-song set with the speedy jam "Vision Quest," which has an almost punk-like guitar line, Clutch sound and look energized going by the fan-shot footage which can be seen in the player above.

About halfway through their performance, they broke out another new track, "Bubonic Blues," that strikes just like a plague as frontman Neil Fallon starts off the song preaching over the beat before it kicks into another gear and slips into a bluesy slide, eventually ramping back up again.

They also performed the new song, "How to Shake Hands," which first started showing up in sets in late spring, and is not only a highlight, but rather timely in its subject matter as Neil Fallon imagines himself as the President of the United States. He talks about live music in the White House and delivers lines lines like, "First thing that I'm gonna do is go for a ride in a UFO / Put Jimi Hendrix on the 20 dollar bill and Bill Hicks on the five note" that don't sound like a bad way at all for him to kick off his time in office.

It's been a busy year for Clutch, as they hosted their inaugural Earth Rocker Festival back in March, which also featured Lucero and The Sword. Their last album, Psychic Warfare, was one of the highlight's of 2015.

"Bubonic Blues"

"How to Shake Hands"

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