Tool's new album, Fear Inoculum, is fast approaching as fans count down the days until the Aug. 30 release. While we wait for the new record, let's go back to 1991 to Tool's first-ever live performance, or at least, that's what the fan-shot video below alleges.

There's a feral energy to the raucous performance where Maynard James Keenan prowls the stage, twitching, swaying and convulsing like a newly possessed man in desperate need of an exorcism.

The 14-minute clip features sections of "Part of Me," "Hush," "Sweat," "Cold and Ugly" and "Sober." Fueling the intensity, Danny Carey delivers a pummeling performance putting the longevity of his kit in danger with each strike. Just listen to the pop on that snare!

Even before all the psychedelic and kaleidoscopic visual aids, this footage proves Tool were just as capable of putting on a transfixing, transformative show, utilizing the nervous tension of Maynard's performance to steer the momentum.

Jumping back to the present day, Tool finally made the decision to host their discography on digital and streaming services. The group had been one of the most notable holdouts in this area and now that they've relented, every single one of their albums simultaneously cracked the iTunes Top 10 on the very first day it was available digitally.

At press time, over one million listeners have already flocked to Spotify to listen as well.

The rest of the year is going to be huge for Tool and to see them live, look for updates here.

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