On Jan. 7 in San Francisco, Calif., Tool gave fans a thrill by playing "Sweat" for the first time in just shy of 18 years. You can check out some fan-shot footage of the performance above.

When Tool followed up their sole 2015 performance at Arizona's Monster Mash Festival with the first show of their 2016 U.S. tour, the same setlist from Monster Mash was used. Fans who took to the Internet for spoilers weren't expecting a change, especially how Tool's stage show is finely tuned to fit each individual song in a performance. However, after Danny Carey's drum solo, Tool broke out "Sweat," the opening track from their debut 1992 EP, Opiate.

Tool have been reaching back lately, jamming "The Grudge" for the first time since 2002 and whipping out their cover of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" for the first time since 1998 at Monster Mash. The title track to Opiate has also been present in Tool's current setlist.

According to Setlist.fm, the last time Tool played "Sweat" was in Fresno, Calif. on Aug. 28, 1998. Tool jammed "Sweat" for a second time on their current tour last night (Jan. 10), so it seems like it may be performed every other show during Tool's current run of dates with Primus and 3Teeth.

Watch Tool's first performance of "Sweat" in nearly 18 years in the clip above!

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