We Came as Romans are setting up to release their upcoming fifth album Cold Like War, due out tomorrow Oct. 20. Before fans can really dig into the record, the group has released a new video for their single "Foreign Fire."

The video focuses on both singers sitting at a couch, each of them bearing their emotions to the camera. The duo's sing-scream dynamic is on full display in this format, their voices interweaving and separating in an instance. Heaviness soon gives way to a heartfelt chorus, before plunging back into the depths of chug riff domination. Both singers are playing chess against the embodiment of death, fighting for what looks like their loved ones in the background.

“['Foreign Fire'] is actually my favorite track,” singer Joshua Moore says to AP, who premiered the video. “It’s probably the most connected I’ve felt to a song in a really, really long time. Writing the lyrics to that song was therapeutic but was really hard. The idea behind it is us being gone so much and for so long. We’ve been doing the band for 12 years now. There’s a lot that we miss out on at home with our family, with our friends, with our girlfriends… Frankly, it sucks. It’s not one of the more rewarding things you get for being in a band. Sometimes I feel like at the end of the day we’re the story of the ones that our family loves. I’m the story of my mom’s son or the story of ‘Uncle Josh,’ but I’m not actually there to make those memories anymore because I’m out doing this.”

We've already heard a solid array of songs from Cold Like War. Just a month ago, we had a taste of the band's poppier side with "Lost in the Moment," which saw their style of metalcore give way to more melodic guitar work.

Check out "Foreign Fire" above!

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