Retired Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars isn't done making music. In fact, he made a triumphant return this morning with the new single, "Loyal to the Lie," from his forthcoming solo debut, The Other Side of Mars. But with Mars mostly known for his guitar exploits, who is taking the lead vocals and joining him to flesh out the music for his debut. Let's take a closer look at who's part of Mars' recording for his debut album and where you might know them from.

Which Musicians Appear on Mick Mars' The Other Side of Mars Debut Album?

* Paul Taylor

While Taylor's name might not be the most familiar, he does play a key role in Mars' new album. His previous credits include playing keyboards for such harder hitting acts as Winger and Alice Cooper. In addition to playing on the album, Taylor is also credited with co-writing several of the tracks on the album, and he also provided introductions to the two primary vocalists on the album, Jacob Bunton and Brion Gamboa..

"I hired in Paul Taylor to do keyboards and also write with me. He knew Brion and brought him in," Mars revealed to Guitar World.

* Jacob Bunton

Jacob Bunton is a name some in the rock world might recognize. He started his career in 2000 as a member of the band Mars Electric, later going on to front the group Lynam and likely most known for his time bringing his powerful vocals to Steven Adler's band under the Adler moniker.

“Jacob came into the studio and it was like, bam!” Mars recalls. “And I just said, ‘Yeah, he’s the guy.’ And most of his vocals were one take.” He recounted to Guitar World, "Jacob Bunton did a lot of stuff," noting that Bunton took the lead on all but two songs.

* Brion Gamboa

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist was another suggestion of Paul Taylor when it came time for Mars to work on his solo debut. Gamboa, the son on a musician, got an early start in music and got his first taste of stardom with his band Third Midst on the syndicated talent show Star Search. Over the years, he's continued to work as a songwriter, producer and performer.

"He’s so cool… a contractor/construction guy with a voice like that? Come on," marvels Mars to Guitar World. "Listen to him on the songs 'Undone' and 'I Killing Breed.'" He added in the album's press release, “Those [songs] required a little bit more of an angsty, desperation kind of thing, and Brion really came to the table with that.”

He adds, "[Taylor] knew Brion and brought him in, and the best part is Brion did those songs in just one take, which was unreal! I had to say ‘Please don’t do it again!’ I knew we could correct any off-notes if needed, though there weren’t any. Those first takes made me go, ‘Oh, man!’”

* Ray Luzier 

Yes, that is the one and only Korn drummer Ray Luzier you hear pounding away on Mars' debut single, and he's on the rest of the album too. His credits also include time spent with David Lee Roth, Army of Anyone and with the dUg Pinnick-led supergroup KXM.

“He actually insisted on playing on this album," Mars told Guitar World. "I’m now working on new stuff, not to get ahead of what we’re talking about, and he’s in Bakersfield right now with Korn but he’s coming over tonight and tomorrow he’ll be playing drums on this new song I’ve written."

Photo: Melina Dellamarggio
Photo: Melina Dellamarggio

* Chris Collier

Rounding out the list of players on Mars' solo debut is bassist Chris Collier. Alongside his playing on the album, Collier mixed and mastered Mars' solo debut set.

* Michael Wagener

Though not a performer on the album, Wagener is a known name in the production world and he's got a long history with Mars. The German producer and engineer worked behind the boards on Mötley Crüe’s 1981 debut, Too Fast For Love, and his relationship with Mars stretches even further back. “I had known him for a long time, and I actually brought him to Mötley,” Mars says. Working with Wagener this time, the guitarist continues, “He had such an understanding of where I wanted to go with the material. And he never said ‘Hey, do this,’ or tried to change my mind or anything like that. He was just really adamant about recording what I wanted to record, and making sure we recorded it right.”

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As Mars mentioned, he's already working on new music even with his first solo record yet to arrive in stores. “I'm trying to keep growing,” Mars says. “Because if you stop learning new things, if you stop playing new things, if you close your mind, you’re done. You have to keep moving and creating. Next!”

Look for Mick Mars' The Other Side of Mars arriving on Feb. 23, 2024. Pre-orders are available here.

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