Azazel, who we’ve dubbed the World’s Drunkest Black Metal Band, have stumbled all the way to the top. After the band’s set at Steelfest went viral, Azazel were invited to perform on Finnish MTV, delivering their brand of bloated blasphemy to a mainstream audience.

Azazel’s 2017 Steelfest “performance” has got to be metal’s viral video of the year so far. Starting immediately with the band’s guitarist too drunk to stand and Azazel’s vocalist double-fisting alcohol while wailing like a wounded safari animal, the video made its way to metalheads worldwide, accumulating over 1.2 million views. Even when the band’s set was finished, they managed to further embarrass themselves by tumbling off the stage as audience members shouted, “Show us your genitals!” and “Nice tits!” at 43-year-old vocalist Lord Satanachia.

However, there’s a bright side to this tragic tale. Azazel were invited to be the official house band for an episode of MTV3’s Enbuske, Veitolan & Salminen. The music talkshow has just been renewed for a fourth season on MTV3, likely because of brilliant broadcasting decisions like inviting Azazel onto the show.

As the hosts introduced Azazel, the band’s guitarist (sober enough to stand upright) flipped off the camera while the drummer made an inverted cross with his sticks. With his trusty can of grog in hand, Satanachia led Azazel through a tune while the three hosts talked over our black metal warriors. Luckily, they shut up long enough for the Finnish TV audience to get an earful of “Rotting Nazarene.” Sloppy as ever, Azazel did not disappoint.

Watch Azazel tear it up on Finnish television in the clip above!

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