Did a new masked wrestling group rip off Slipknot or Mushroomhead?

Uncle Howdy, formerly known as Bo Dallas, made a dramatic reappearance last night (June 17) at WWE Raw. In a video uploaded by WWE that looked more like a horror movie than a wrestling event, someone crawled out from behind late WWE star Bray Wyatt's door toward his lantern.

Donning a tattered dress that resembles an old doll, the person pointed toward the door, and inside was a giant rabbit-looking figure holding a mallet with the word "help" written on the side. As the camera traveled through the corridor, over apparent dead people on the floor, more individuals in scary masks appeared.

A terrifying Howdy eventually made his way through the door, followed by his horror posse, and was met with a roar from the crowd.

"We're here," he declared, and then blew out Wyatt's lantern.

According to the PW Chronicle, the members of the Wyatt Sicks are Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy, Nikki Cross as Sister Abigail, Erick Rowan as Ramblin Rabbit, Joe Gacy as Huskus the Pig and Dexter Lumis as Mercy the Buzzard.

After the event, WWE shared a line of merchandise on their website for the group, which apparently go by the Wyatt Sicks. The collection is titled "Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal."

Much of the merch also has the number 6 on it, which is another similarity to Slipknot and its use of numbers to represent the different members.

WWE Wyat Sicks Shirts

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As you can see in the video above, some of the masks resemble those of members of Slipknot and Mushroomhead. One mask looks like a pig, which both bands had, and a couple of them had dreadlocks and other similar traits. The visuals of the clip alone were even reminiscent of a Slipknot music video.

There are plenty of masked bands that have existed in rock and metal history, but the similarities between Slipknot and Mushroomhead led to a longstanding feud between the two groups. Get the full history of that feud in the video below.

What Started the Slipknot vs. Mushroomhead Feud?

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