It was recently revealed that X Japan drummer Yoshiki was in need of cervical artificial disc replacement surgery and that it had led to the cancellation of all the band's promotional activities during the month of May. Yoshiki had the surgery on Tuesday (May 16) at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and the operation was successful.

In a new statement from the band's management, it's been revealed that the drummer is currently in stable condition. Yoshiki was previously diagnosed as having "cervical foraminal stenosis" due to his intense drumming style, and the surgery took several hours to complete.

According to his doctor, Neel Anand, he will have difficulty using his voice for a while after the surgery, but is expected to regain his voice within the coming months as part of his recovery process. The incision is expected to heal partially over the next six weeks, and 90 percent of recovery is expected over the next six months. However, the length of time it will take for Yoshiki to see improvement on the nerve pain that runs down his left arm is still unknown.

Ordinarily Yoshiki would remain in the hospital for at least a few days after the surgery. After waking up from general anesthesia and under heavy analgesics, he expressed that he wanted to record a song he was writing from up until the night before surgery. Persuading his doctor into releasing him from the hospital a few hours after surgery, he headed for the studio and stayed there for half an hour. However, since his condition after surgery was too extreme, his staff and the accompanying nurse managed to get him back home to rest under his physician's care.

As far as X Japan's World Tour that was scheduled for July as well as the Yoshiki Premium Dinner Show dates in August and September, decisions will be made on those dates based on the progress of his recovery and it's hoped that an announcement will be made soon.

"We thank everyone for the well wishes from all over the world. At the same time, Yoshiki deeply apologizes for any inconvenience caused by his health," concludes the statement from the band's management.

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