In this episode of You Think You Know Metal? we delve into the many dimensions of Dream Theater. We know that Dream Theater fans are about as hardcore as they come, but we'd bet even the elite Dream Theater scholars will learn something new from this clip.

The progressive metal titans celebrate their 30th year as a band in 2015, so there's plenty of essential history to cover. We begin our journey through the life of Dream Theater at guitarist John Petrucci's childhood and what inspired him to pick up his first guitar. Petrucci would later meet drummer Mike Portnoy and bassist John Myung in college, leading to one of metal's most distinguished careers.

In the clip above, we go into Dream Theater's "Majesty Symbol," a little trick Dream Theater borrowed from the Beatles, how various spoken-word samples made it into some of the band's signature albums and a secret patch of morse code which hides a naughty message inside one Dream Theater track.

John Petrucci has many influences when it comes to guitar, but one of them comes straight out of the bakery. Some Dream Theater fans may already know what we're talking about, but a much lesser-known influence for Petrucci's guitar tone on 2013's Dream Theater album comes from one of the most successful films of all time.

For all this and much more, check out the Dream Theater edition of You Think You Know Metal? in the player above!

Script by Ed Rivadavia and Graham Hartmann; Narration by Full Metal Jackie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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