Think you've heard every crazy Ozzy Osbourne story? Actually, that's a trick question -- no human being could live long enough to hear every insane Ozzy tale. This newest piece of Ozzy history was told to us by one Zakk Wylde, who stopped by the Loudwire studio recently for an exclusive video interview.

While Zakk Wylde was out with Ozzy Osbourne promoting the Prince of Darkness' 'No Rest for the Wicked' album, the duo had an autograph signing which took a strange turn. A giant 'Haystacks Calhoun'-type boasting red lipstick showed up to the appearance and asked Ozzy for an incredibly odd favor. The guitarist was right there to witness the whole thing, even being playfully thrown under the bus by Ozzy in a hilarious twist.

Believe us, you'll want to hear this story. Check out Zakk Wylde's account of the peculiar incident in the video above!