Ozzy Osbourne has played with some of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock and metal and his recent revelation that Tony Iommi, Zakk Wylde, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck would all be making appearances on his upcoming album certainly piqued the interest of longtime fans. Now longtime Ozzy Osbourne collaborator Zakk Wylde has revealed more insights on how things will play out.

Wylde has certainly garnered a reputation for his playing and taking the lead on guitar in Osbourne's touring band, but during a chat with Music Radar he revealed that he'll slide over to rhythm guitar in order to support some of his idols playing on the record.

“It definitely sounds slamming," says Wylde. “The same goes for all the guys – what Tony Iommi played, and then Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, it’s all killer for sure. On those tracks I’m playing rhythm guitar for my heroes… it’s crazy! It sounds awesome and I’m beyond honored to be doing it.”

Wylde has long offered his support to Osbourne for whatever is needed, and in playing on the new record, he's now side-by-side with some of his guitar heroes.

“The new Ozzy stuff is sounding great. And for sure, it’s an honor to play on a record with all my heroes," stated Wylde, before going on to praise one of his heroes - Jeff Beck. “I’ve always loved Blow By Blow and Wired, but honestly every record Jeff Beck has put out is amazing.”

The album is the second record Osbourne has recorded with producer Andrew Watt, following on the heels of the successful Ordinary Man album. That record featured Watt on guitar with guest players Duff McKagan and Chad Smith rounding out the studio band. Elton John and Post Malone both guested on that record. The new record, with the four iconic guitarists, continues to pair Osbourne with top players.

A release date and additional details on the upcoming album have yet to be revealed, but Osbourne and Wylde have done a solid job whetting the appetites of fans for what's to come.

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