Rock on. Zero Theorem are here to send some rock vibes through your system with the exclusive premiere of their new video for "Area."

The Brian Cox-directed clip centers on an alien being traveling rough terrain just looking to make contact and end their journey of isolation. Soundtracking this journey is Zero Theorem's song "Area," which is filled with chugging guitars, a pulsing tone and pure aggression delivered by vocalist Caesar. Meanwhile, guitarist Joseph Scarlotti, bassist Eloy Palacios and drummer Jake Hayden serve up a wall of heaviness, rarely letting their foot off the pedal.

“'Area' reflects the importance of one’s identity and will,” explains Caesar. “Every meaningful relationship, environment, or belief-system carries with it the potential to experience this basic struggle anew.”

The band worked on their new EP Ataraxis with producer Kane Churko. Caesar added, “Our experience with Kane has definitely been the highlight of our efforts thus far. Kane is immeasurably talented and has made us better songwriters by helping to emphasize our strengths and explore new territory.”

As for what you can expect from these up-and-comers, Scarlotti concludes, “Heavy music itself is a lifestyle choice and we strive to embody that with both substance and wit.”

If you like what you hear, "Area" is featured on Zero Theorem's recently released debut EP Ataraxis, which is currently available to purchase through iTunes. You can also look for the band playing Malone's in Santa Ana, Calif. on Nov. 18. Stay up to date with Zero Theorem via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Zero Theorem

Courtesy of Zero Theorem
Courtesy of Zero Theorem

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