Zero Theorem is upstart Los Angeles collective who turned some heads with their single and video for "Area" last fall. Today (May 4) the band returns with their Ataraxis EP. The set leans towards heavier rock, though they do show some range with the title track from the collection. We recently spoke with the band's vocalist Caesar about their new music.

The first song we heard from the Ataraxis EP was “Area.” Talk about that song and why you decided to make it the first track from the EP.

The lyrical content of "Area" reflects the importance of one's identity and will. Every meaningful relationship, environment or belief-system carries with it the potential to experience this basic struggle anew. The song was actually the first one we produced in the studio for the EP and encapsulates the current incarnation of the band. We wanted "Area" to be equally heavy and melodic with an undeniable groove. We also wanted to experiment with textures by giving it a uniquely percussive and electronic vibe in combination with its more traditional guitar-driven sound. There's also a kind of cinematic quality to it in parts, which is likely to be a future direction the band will explore in different ways.

You worked with Kane Churko in Las Vegas. What made him the right choice for this EP and what did you take away from your experience with him in the studio?

We're big fans of Kane both personally and professionally. His influence within the genre of alternative metal is inspiring, and working with him is immensely fun and educational. One of the big takeaways from our time in the studio is that we're just getting started with respect to the options and musical territory we'd like to explore.

Talk about the song "Becoming."  I know there’s talk of a video for that, and curious if it will continue in a similar thematic vibe to “Area.” 

"Becoming" is about having the courage to find one's authentic self, even if it defies expectations or the status quo. This is the song on the EP in which electronics are featured most prominently.

The video treatment includes a darker science-fiction vibe with scenes of biological mutation. While "Area" depicts a more isolated journey of self-discovery, "Becoming" reflects our collective movement into a post-human world.

The title track on Ataraxis gives a change of pace here, offering listeners a more moody vibe. On an EP, you have less time to be varied, so how important was it to have that title track in there and to show some of the band’s range?

The title track was very important. Since the beginning of the band, we've talked about our desire to encompass a range of emotions and musical styles, including moodier or more atmospheric pieces. "Ataraxis" allowed us to slow the pace while playing with different time signatures and instrumentation. The cornerstone will continue to be alternative metal, but the band is capable of much more.

What’s on the horizon for the band in terms of touring? And off the new EP, do you have a song that you can’t wait to see the reaction for from the crowds? Is there a song that resonates with you in the live setting and why?

Touring is definitely on the horizon. In fact, our first stretch is being negotiated as we speak, and we will be announcing soon. We're planning to cover some of the Southwest of the U.S. first and then expand from there. "Low" is one we're especially eager to perform due to its speed, and the energy it can induce from the crowd. Another song we'll be playing is an unreleased track named "Threat" that is super heavy and emotive. We've just recently revamped this one in the studio, and it seems to have great potential for a live setting. We are amped and ready to go play live!

Beyond the Ataraxis EP on May 4th, what’s on the horizon for Zero Theorem and what do you want to accomplish over this next year?

We'll be touring and promoting the EP while continuing to write and produce new music. We have plans to be in the studio with Kane throughout the year, and we've got a bunch more things in the works, including new merchandise, an online store, live production, a new single campaign and more videos.

Zero Theorem's 'Ataraxis' EP arrives today (May 4). You can pick it up via iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay or stream the EP via Spotify. Keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stay up to date with their touring via their official website

Zero Theorem, "Area"


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