It's been nearly one year since GWAR frontman and creative mastermind Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) sadly passed away. In remembrance of metal's maddest scientist, we've put together this Loud List of 10 Hilarious GWAR Moments.

The void Brockie left behind can still be felt, though GWAR have continued on valiantly with new members Blothar and Vulvatron. As Oderus Urungus, Brockie ripped through classic tracks and spouted bizarre lyrics on 13 studio albums, two EPs and two live albums.

We had the chance to meet up with Dave Brockie on many occasions, leading to some of Loudwire's most popular clips. Brockie was easily one of our all-time favorite guests and a special sense of excitement always preceded his visits. The man was always a true pleasure to work with, both in and out of costume, as Brockie's kind demeanor matched the ruthless abuse of his alien alter ego. Thanks to the intergalactic wit of Oderus Urungus, hundreds of thousands of viewers flocked to our YouTube channel, most notably for Oderus' brilliant reading of 'Goodnight Moon.'

In this Loud List, you'll see Oderus read 'Goodnight Moon'; "kill" public figures such as Marilyn Manson, Sarah Palin and Adolf Hitler; appear on classic TV shows with fellow GWAR members and much more.

With the greatest of praise to the immortal Oderus Urungus, we bring you these 10 Hilarious GWAR Moments. Also, be sure to check out more Loud Lists below. Hail Oderus! Hail Brockie! Hail GWAR!

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