Underestimating Marilyn Manson is a deadly mistake. Though many dismissed him as a mindless shock rocker, Manson is, in fact, one of the most well spoken and intelligent musicians in the rock realm. Always ready for a stoic debate, Manson came out on the winning end of these 10 interviews.

One of Manson’s most famous interviews comes from Fox News. On The O’Reilly Factor, Manson was challenged again and again by Bill O’Reilly about profanity, outrageous stage antics and his unique appearance. Though he was in the hot seat, Manson remained composed, ultimately beating the conservative host in a game of verbal chess.

The term “outclassed” can also be utilized for Manson’s 2002 appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Stern brought in a female Manson fan who wanted the Antichrist Superstar to take her virginity. Howard Stern put pressure on Manson to go through with it, but the musician took the high road, treating the fan respectfully and putting her at ease. While Stern did his schtick, Marilyn grabbed the girl’s hand, giving her the thrill of her life without sending out the slightest of creep vibes.

Manson often outclasses interviewers by how he responds to hack questions. When asked about himself and Rose McGowan becoming the new Hollywood “it” couple, Manson replied by explaining how he criticized that very mindset on “The Dope Show.” In a separate red carpet interview, Manson was asked about his pet peeves. Dismissing the question, MM talked about his pet cats instead.

Check out these 10 Times Marilyn Manson Outclassed Interviewers in the Loud List above.

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