Few things put a punctuation mark on a song like an epic high note. In this Loud List, we count down our picks for the 12 Greatest High Notes in Rock + Metal.

In the world of metal, there's nobody quite like Judas Priest's Rob Halford. His falsettos and high pitched screams are so powerfully unique, we made an entire Loud List of them! Halford will forever be in the upper echelons of metal, as his most famous high note is in this video.

Incredible high notes aren't relegated just to heavy metal or power metal, but more extreme genres as well. The opening high note in Slayer's "Angel of Death" is one of the most iconic moments in metal history. The godfather of death metal, Death's Chuck Schuldiner, also hit plenty of glass-shattering high notes during his lifetime, perhaps none more piercing than the intro of his cover of Judas Priest's "Painkiller."

As for the world of rock, few can hit the highs like Deep Purple legend Ian Gillan. You'll find him on this clip singing Deep Purple's essential anti-war anthem. Skid Row's Sebastian Bach lands on our list as well, nailing a triumphant scream in a rare performance of "Quicksand Jesus."

Check out the 12 Greatest High Notes in Rock + Metal in the Loud List above!

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