Saving the best for last is one way to solidify a classic album. These 15 bands all placed a killer closer at the end of iconic albums, and we’re shouting them out for it.

Many Iron Maiden fans will point to “Hallowed Be Thy Name” as the band’s greatest song, and it’s the final track on The Number of the Beast. It was the NWOBHM band’s first true epic, which is now a staple of each Dickinson-era Maiden album. You could essentially fill this list with Iron Maiden closers, but we had to choose the fan favorite for this list.

Slayer mastered the art of both opening and closing on Reign in Blood. As if the thrash icons could get any heavier with “Angel of Death,” the boys saved “Raining Blood” for the album’s grand finale. Fans may point to Metallica as the greatest thrash band in history, but they’ve got no closer like “Raining Blood” in their entire catalogue.

Getting into more modern metal, System of a Down capped off Toxicity with one of their most perfect tracks. “Aerials” was the best choice possible to end SOAD’s 2001 album, moody and gorgeous with a giant main riff. It may not be the title track, but “Aerials” defines Toxicity just as much as any other song.

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