Chicago metal act Born of Osiris spent the summer rocking the Vans Warped Tour while promoting their latest album ‘Tomorrow We Die Alive.’ But there's plenty more on the horizon for the group. When Loudwire caught up with guitarist Lee McKinney he revealed that plans are in motion for a new album as well as a headlining tour in the States set for the fall. He also talked about his passion for not only metal but for also electronic music as well. Check out our interview with Lee McKinney of Born of Osiris below.

Have your feelings towards songs on the latest album ‘Tomorrow We Die Alive’ changed in the year since the release of the disc?

We have this song ‘Divergency’ that has become one of our better live songs. It wasn’t even going to go on the record and it made it onto the album and now we’re playing it live. That was a change in the record that I didn’t see happening but it was definitely a positive change.

Did you go to shows as a kid? If so what was one show that left a long lasting impact on you? How old were you?

I went to one Warped Tour and I saw Avenged Sevenfold and I saw Protest the Hero as well, both of which are shreddier style guitar bands. I was already doing this and knew that this was what I wanted to do at the time bit those were moments that were holy s--- moments. Avenged Sevenfold were really good and they were big at the time but nowhere near where they are now, headlining Mayhem with fire and all that stuff. I’ve seen photos of their production on Mayhem and it looks ridiculous. I want to see it. Hopefully we can go over there for a day and check it out.

Besides checking out Mayhem Festival, what are the plans for you and the rest of Born of Osiris for 2014?

We’re going to take a couple months off and continue writing a new record then we have a headliner in the fall in the United States with Thy Art Is Murder as direct support, Betraying the Martyrs and Within the Ruins. It’s going to be awesome.

As far as writing material, do you guys generally write on the road or hunker down when you get home?

I make electronic music personally when we’re on tour, but as far as metal and Born of Osiris, all of the writing gets done when we’re off at home.

For you what does electronic music provide that metal can’t?

I think it’s limitless really. Metal is too hard for people to accept when you go too far outside the box. With electronic music, you can do anything you want, create any kind of vibe you want. The part that I enjoy is when I’m on tour and I don’t have a guitar. It’s another way to create music which is what we love to do and you don’t need much gear to do so.