Child prodigies are becoming increasingly popular to follow on the internet because their audience gets to watch as they grow and improve their skills. A 5-year-old drummer named Coen Krysiak has been gaining some traction on his YouTube channel with his covers of Architects, Ghost, Halestorm and more.

Krysiak's very first upload on his channel is a cover of Architects' "Animals," from their 2021 album For Those That Wish to Exist. It was posted on March 11 of this year, and at the time, he was only 4. His performance is actually quite impressive, and, of course, adorable — especially when he puts the drumsticks in his mouth.

The youngster also has videos of him playing Muse's "Hysteria," Royal Blood's "Out of the Black," Halestorm's "Vicious" and "Do Not Disturb" and Ghost's "Rats" and "Square Hammer," which was just posted yesterday in honor of the band's upcoming 2022 tour with Volbeat.

Check out some of his videos below.

In the few months that his YouTube channel has existed, the little rocker has garnered over 6,000 subscribers, and has over 3,000 followers on his Instagram account, which is managed by his parents. According to his Instagram bio, he plays guitar as well.

Show him some support by following along with his profiles. Kids are the future, and if they're listening to and loving rock 'n' roll from a young age, we know that it truly will never die.

Four-Year-Old Drummer Covers Architects' 'Animals'

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Four-Year-Old Drummer Covers Halestorm's 'Vicious'

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