Here's the news that A Perfect Circle fans have been waiting on for a friggin' decade! Ready? On Nov. 19, A Perfect Circle will release the greatest hits collection 'Three Sixty,' but the album isn't just a compilation of past works. The release will also contain the brand new song 'By and Down.'

A Perfect Circle's 'Three Sixty' compilation will consist of tracks from each of the band's three studio albums, 'Mer de Noms,' 'Thirteenth Step' and 'eMOTIVe.' The release's standard edition will feature 13 songs including 'By and Down,' while the 'Three Sixty' deluxe edition ramps it up to a total of 19 songs. The two-disc deluxe edition houses four live performances of the APC works 'People are People,' '3 Libras,' 'Gravity' and the band's cover of Joni Mitchell's 'Fiddle and the Drum.'

"Billy [Howerdel, guitar] and I created A Perfect Circle out of a now long-running friendship, and I think the music we have made reflects that personal connection and has given us the ability to further develop and trust our intuition,” explains singer Maynard James Keenan. “I feel 'Three Sixty' is an accurate representation of that friendship and those instincts."

Get ready to get your hands on A Perfect Circle's upcoming 'Three Sixty' compilation, which will see a Nov. 19 release date. Also, keep your ears open for the premiere of 'By and Down,' A Perfect Circle's first new track since 'eMOTIVe' dropped in 2004. As soon as 'By and Down' surfaces, we'll be sure to share it!

Meanwhile, as previously reported, on Nov. 26, A Perfect Circle will release the comprehensive box set: 'A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone and Echo.' For full details on that release, click here.