Against Me! vocalist Laura Jane Grace is currently sporting a bald head, but for a very good reason. The singer just got an amazing new head tattoo.

As seen in newly posted images on her Instagram, Grace's bald head now features a new look that includes plant, feather and talon ink.

"Endless thanks to you @gakkinx , you are truly a master and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in anyone else’s hands for this tattoo. Now it’s time to go buy a hat until my hair grows back," stated Grace in video showcasing her fresh ink from multiple views.

She also posted a second Instagram with a variety of still photos of the head tattoo from different sides. "The incredible work of @gakkinx on my dome! What an experience! Still trying to find all the words to describe what a head tattoo feels like. Don’t plan on keeping a shaved head. I get allowed 3 questionable hat choices while growing my hair back out, okay?," she stated. Take a look at both Instagram posts below.

Lzzy Hale, Dashboard Confessional, The Last Internationale, Life of Agony's Mina Caputo, Garbage, Acey Slade, Atom Willard, Cory Branan and more weighed in on the Laura Jane Grace's fresh ink in the comments on the posts.

Grace most recently released 2021's At War With the Silverfish EP. Catch her on tour next month and into the fall at these dates.

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