It should be quite a summer this year with Alice Cooper -- the original shock rocker -- and Marilyn Manson -- his modern-day equivalent -- teaming up on tour together. Their partnership took them to the Revolver Golden Gods Black Carpet and we were able to speak with both musicians on a variety of topics, including stalkers, dangerous stage props and, of course, their mutual admiration for each other ahead of this summer's 'Masters of Madness' tour.

Welcome Marilyn.

Loudwire! Loudwire has often written some very informative stories about me. One story I'd like to tell -- recently there was a crazy girl who locked herself in the 'American Pie' guy's [Eddie Kaye Thomas'] house and tried to stab him to death. Now, a lot of people don't know that this girl had been stalking me for about a month, knocking on my door. So I brought a baseball bat and a stun gun to Starbucks and said, "Don't come to my house again unless you're f---ing invited," and the very next day, boom, she's locked in and taking a slice out of 'American Pie.' But I just came out with my stick, came out strong, and he just f---ed Stiffler's mom, so.


I also did a song with Gucci Mane the day before he went to prison. It's called 'Gettin' P---ies Wet.' We met the same night at 'Spring Breakers.' You know, that smoke bomb incident that I didn't set off.

Did or didn't?

You know. The world may never know [with a shoulder shrug] but I went right into the studio with him. So I've done some strange sort of southern blues stuff. Sort of some swamp industrial and I've also done some gangster stuff with Kevin Mack, who writes Chris Brown's music. Yeah yeah, we've been trying to feel it.

Alice Cooper enters the conversation.

Cooper: I was just talking about the castle story.

Manson: Yeah, I didn't get to go to it.

Cooper: We almost bought it.

Manson: But what would we do with it? Maybe a bed and breakfast. [Laughs]

Cooper: I was thinking a rehab center or a mental hospital for vampires.

Manson: Make it an HIV testing place, with blood, you know? Hey, just be positive. B-Positive, you know?

Cooper: No, no. [Laughs]

So who floated the idea of a tour together?

Manson: I think it was a joint thing. We bluetoothed our minds.

Cooper: It was inevitable. It was an inevitable tour.

Manson: It was ordained.

So are you going to do some stuff together?

Cooper: Oh, I can't imagine not.

Manson: If you mean musically, absolutely. If you mean, like, kung fu movies, absolutely. Sexually, that's none of your business, but I would say no.

Cooper: I'm teaching him how to throw knives though.

Manson: Yes, that is a valuable tool to have. I actually got arrested in Las Vegas a year ago. Actually, I didn't get arrested, I almost got arrested. I was leaving a bar with a samurai sword and those things are terrible -- they bend. And I was shotgunning Pabst Blue Ribbon trying to sing Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me a River' at a karaoke bar and the stereo broke and I went outside and I went to what I thought was my limo and it was someone else's and I went with my samurai sword, got inside and tried to drive and the guy tried to arrest me and I pulled out my black American Express card and said, "May I buy this for the evening?" and so thus, it was a narrow escape.

Cooper: What a great commercial for American Express.

Manson: Don't leave home without it at all. The Diamond Card!

So Alice I understand you're donating some memorabilia…

Cooper: Yeah, we have a warehouse that I wouldn't want to sleep in at night.

Manson: I have a whorehouse.

Cooper: And you would want to sleep in it.

Marilyn, have you seen the memorabilia?

Manson: Yeah, the guillotine is amazing. And the giraffes. Were those giraffes?

Cooper: Leopard. But they're in the Hall of Fame and we can't get them back.

Manson: Let's buy a live giraffe and throw knives at it.

Cooper: People say what's the most dangerous thing you've ever done. Those boots, with about a half a bottle of VO. Most dangerous thing I ever did, forget the guillotine. Forget the gallows. Those boots and about a half a bottle of whisky is the most dangerous thing I ever did.

Manson: I have stilts. But I operate those well, drugs or no drugs. But I do not have a driver's license though.

Marilyn what was your artistic start?

Manson: Drywall painting. I'm a painter, but I started out painting walls at my dad's furniture store.

Cooper: Hitler started out painting.

Manson: Hitler was an average watercolor painter.

Alice, what was your impression of Marilyn the first time you saw him perform?

Cooper: I said, "Finally -- somebody doing something interesting," and for so long there, it was just dead, dead, dead. And then the whole grunge thing, flannel, everyone was doing flannel, and then all of a sudden there was Manson, and I went "Ah! I understand that."

Manson: I was really excited to read -- and I'm a big fan of Bowie -- and I read all these NME compilations of articles and when Bowie came out, they compared Bowie to you. So you've been getting some big props. You don't even need to have props. You invent props.

Cooper: Well, we've been doing it. We were the band that drove the stake through the heart of the love generation. I mean, we were hated, pretty much.

Manson: I like that all the bands here tonight, and I'm not going to name any names, are getting compared to me and I get compared to him. It's kind of like the herpes of music.

Marilyn, after Californication, any other acting gigs coming up?

Manson: Yes, I do. I'm playing several typecast characters -- hillbilly rapists, Nazi scientists, you know, your basic [stuff].

Cooper: Yeah, a hillbilly rapist that doubles as a Nazi scientist.

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