Alice in Chains performed during halftime of the NFC Championship game Sunday night, but as many who tuned in to FOX to see the performance found out, it wasn't aired on the actual broadcast. Luckily some fan-filmed footage of their playing has now surfaced online.

Check out the video above, where Alice in Chains perform ‘Man in the Box’ and ‘Would?’ The Seattle-based band didn't hide their hometown pride during the set as they proudly performed under the ‘12th Man’ flag, saluting the Seahawks’ loyal fan base. In the clip, you can see the small silhouette of singer William DuVall rocking out, with a clearer image of the band’s performance on the big screen below them.

In the video below, you get a closer look of the group’s ‘Man in the Box’ performance. The fan-shot performance offers more of a close-up of the band onstage and on various jumbotrons as well a look at the crowd in the stadium.

The Seattle Seahawks have also posted a photo gallery slideshow from the performance, which can be viewed at this location.

Update: Pro-shot footage from the performance has been added below.

See Pro-Shot Footage of Alice in Chains Performing at NFC Championship Halftime

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