All That Remains' seventh studio album, The Order of Things, is set to drop on Feb. 24. To help spread the world on the band's newest record, vocalist Phil Labonte dropped by our studio for an exclusive chat.

We've already launched our clip with Labonte discussing The Order of Things, but in this new segment, we get even further into Phil's psyche. Labonte never shies away from expressing his political and social views, so we gave him yet another forum to speak on a number of topics.

In this clip (watch above), Labonte talks about the differences between fans reacting to a message placed into a song versus a view stated in a public forum. Though many would consider Phil Labonte to lean right on the political spectrum, the ATR singer disagrees, explaining his disposition as a Libertarian.

The most interesting piece of our interview, however, revolves around Eric Garner, who died after being locked in a chokehold by an NYPD officer. Despite this, Labonte actually blames someone else for Garner's death -- those who raised taxes on cigarettes. "Why do you think Eric Garner was selling loose cigarettes?" Labonte ponders. "Because poor people can't afford to pay $10 [a pack]. So all the people that don't smoke that say, 'I don't like smokers and I don't like the way it smells, so it's okay to raise the taxes on smoking' -- they're the ones that are responsible for Eric Garner's death."

Check out the full interview with All That Remains' Phil Labonte above. The Order of Things, can be pre-ordered now at iTunes.

All That Remains' Phil Labonte on The Order of Things

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