'Off the Record' is a video series where we ask artists questions about anything with one exception: No questions about music. This is your chance to peer behind the music and into the daily lives these artists lead outside of their profession. Topics range from good eats (last meals, ice cream) to mischief (dumbest thing done in the name of fun, getting sent to the principal's office) to getting real (biggest fear, worst injury).

Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy are a lot funnier than you think. As they answer questions about their biggest fears, if they've ever been arrested and what Sesame Street character they would be, amongst other things, it's obvious that humor is one of the many key dynamics that makes their relationship so strong.

As naturally as they gel in the songwriting process, they feed off each other when it comes to joking around.

Myles Kennedy bravely laid out some embarrassing childhood history, which ranges from a jutted-out ear that he once folded and tucked against his head while he slept to getting beat up by two girls in fourth grade. Why? He refused to hit them back (because he was raised the right way) after they called him out to meet them after school. But you'll have to watch the video at the top to learn why they fought him in the first place.

So that's how Myles got sent to the principal's office as a kid. As an adult, Mr. Tremonti faced something more serious — he was handcuffed in placed in the back of a police car. The catch? He wasn't actually arrested. Again, no spoilers — you've got to watch that full story for yourself above.

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