It may have been a long wait, but fans are showing overwhelming support for the new self-titled album from Evanescence by helping it debut at No. 1 on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart.

One of the stand out tracks is ‘End of the Dream,’ a thought-provoking rocker with a powerful message seemingly about living life to the fullest and not looking back. In a recent conversation with Evanescence’s leading lady Amy Lee, Loudwire took the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the song.

While the lyrics leave it open for individual interpretation Lee confirmed that the song is about life and death. “In general, it is about life and the afterlife, and the fact that basically it’s short.” She went on to explain in more detail, “It’s my understanding of death, and my relationship with it, and life.”

Lee’s angelic voice soars over the longing of a piano and bold guitars as she sings, "Well, as much as it hurts / Ain’t it wonderful to feel? / So go on and bring your wings / Follow your heart / ‘Til it bleeds / As we run towards the end of the dream."

Noting that it’s a very emotionally heavy song Amy said, “It’s my respect and appreciation for the fact that life is not going to last forever so you have to live now, you have to follow your heart, even when it hurts. That pain is something that you can’t take for granted.”

Lee has always been one to follow her heart both in life and through her music. When asked about her lyrical inspiration, she noted that, “Most of the songs on ‘Evanescence’ are going through a few actual experiences within the song, but it has a constant feeling, so they’re kind of vague, if that makes sense.”

Check in with Loudwire next week for our full interview with Amy Lee.