Evanescence are emerging from their self-imposed break from music one step at a time, and they are armed with new personal attitudes and musical skills! With the new single 'What You Want' released earlier this month, angel-voiced singer Amy Lee and her bandmates are preparing for the release of their self-titled third album on Oct. 11 by stepping back onto the stage, as well.

Evanescence played the Canadian version of Rock on the Range in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Aug. 20, just three days after their first show in two years, which unfolded on Aug. 17 at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., where 'Evanescence' was recorded.

Speaking after the Canadian gig, Lee talked about shaking off road rust. "It was our second show back in two years and man, it felt great," she told ExploreMusic. "I was a little nervous. It had been a while and I hadn't played the 'rock star' in a while, but it came right back as soon as I stepped on the stage. It was really natural."

Lee admitted that the band is more comfortable playing the new material than old songs at this point since "that's all we've been focused on for the past six months and more." She asserted that "we're a stronger live band than we've ever been," which is really saying something, given the revolving door membership that Evanescence have endured since exploding in 2003 with 'Fallen.' Lee gushed, "I am so proud of all the guys I'm working with."

Lee, who admitted that she does not have a car and let her driver's license expire, was candid about how she was able to figure out who Amy Lee is during the down time since 2006's 'The Open Door.'

"In 2007, I was 26 and I needed to find myself as an adult," Lee confessed. "I had been completely doing Evanescence since I was a teenager and I needed to be Amy, not the lead singer of Evanescence every day. However, she also realized, "Part of me is the girl from Evanescence at the end of the day. It's not a character I made up. It's really me, but it was good for me to step away."

While she stepped away, Lee kept her hands in music, literally. She learned to play the harp. While she admits she is not the best harp player in the world, she did educate herself on how to use it and write with it. "It's hard to play, but I had a head start because of my piano playing," she explained. "It's a grand piano upright instead of on its side."

Meanwhile, Lee held an Evanescence listening party for 30 or so people in Toronto in Monday night. She previewed five songs for the attendees, including the aforementioned 'What You Want' along with 'The Change,' 'The Other Side,' 'My Heart is Broken' and 'Lost in Paradise.' From the description, the disc appears to be a mix of groove-centered rockers and passionate ballads.

Evanescence will tour the United States in support of their self-titled third album. Click here for dates.

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