Evanescence are the rare band that can walk the dangerously thin tightrope between hard rock and pop without a net, and that's just what the Amy Lee-fronted outfit does with 'What You Want,' the piano-driven first single from their self-titled album due out Oct. 11.

Lee's dreamy, ethereal vocals have always been the battery that powers Evanescence and that has not changed with 'What You Want.' We're happy to report that the band's symphonic, somewhat European brand of rock travels down the familiar path, but there's an energy here that keeps the band's sound fresh.

Lee's gorgeous vocals are set against a backdrop of crunchy, bottom heavy riffs. When she sings "Do what you, what you, what you want," she does it with such force that you can't help but be swept away to her lair. She is a siren, that's for sure.

'What You Want' is a headphones song. That is, you'll want to insert your earbuds, crank the volume of your iPod and allow the layers of sound to be unlocked each time you listen to the song. There's a richness and a depth to the song, so much so that you'll never process everything in one, two or even 13 listens, so resign yourself to the commitment. The dividend will be that 'What You Want' might become one of your favorite, most played songs of 2011.

When she sings "There's still time / Close your eyes / Only love will guide you home / Tear down the walls and free yourself," Lee is able to capture both male and female listeners. She's got that universal appeal to both genders. Girls love that she rocks and dudes think she's hot and can sing, so it's a win-win for her and her band. It helps that her voice is absolutely captivating.

'What You Want' is another quality addition to the Evanescence catalog, even if it doesn't throw you for a loop with any directional shift in sonics. However, the stability and familiarity of their sound provides surprises in all those aforementioned layers.

Listen to Evanescence, 'What You Want'

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