Talk about busy! Black Veil Brides leader Andy Biersack has been balancing work with his solo project Andy Black and it looks like fans of both projects will have music to look forward to in 2017.

During a series of tweets, Biersack first gave an update on Black Veil Brides before revealing the surprise news about a fresh Andy Black track. "First time listening to a full new BVB record in the post CD era, had to burn it to a disc myself for old times sake. Nothing like it," stated Biersack. He continued, "Finalizing the mixes on this record, we put a tremendous amount of time & attention to detail into this album & I hope you will enjoy. #BVBV." He was then asked by one of his Twitter followers about a timeline for new music to which he responded, "If it were up to me the record would come out as soon as it's mixed haha! Record/tour/etc. expected to be this fall." See all three tweets below.

Not content with dishing only BVB updates, Biersack then revealed that he's been working on a new Andy Black solo track that he'll reveal during the Vans Warped Tour this summer. "Also just heard the final mix to a new ‪#AndyBLACK track that will be released this summer for Warped! Definitely want to play it live," said the singer, with the tweet posted below.

Biersack has had a long association with the Vans Warped Tour and will be back this year touring his Andy Black solo project. The singer will also be participating in the TEI workshops that will be taking place during the Vans Warped Tour run. “I believe in connection for the sake of growth, and the workshops I’m offering all summer on Vans Warped Tour with TEI are the perfect example of such connections. The fans of mine who attend my classes will one day be the future talents and leaders of our industry, so to have any positive impact and to share my knowledge with them is quite an honor," says the singer. Click here for additional details.

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