Countless musicians have shown their support for "going green" ever since the psychedelic rock movement of the 1960s. In present times, metal musicians have been one of the most outspoken creative groups in favor of marijuana use. Angela Gossow, frontwoman of Swedish metal act Arch Enemy, recently expressed her support for marijuana legalization in an interview with

While discussing Arch Enemy's sixth album with Gossow on the mic, 'Khaos Legions,' the conversation quickly turned to the sweet leaf. asked Gossow about a comment she made about listening to music late at night whilst "stoned."

"Oh, I mean, obviously, weed," Gossow replied. "The stuff that grows outside in my garden and (laughs) it's obviously not legal, unfortunately, but — that's one of our political agendas in [ARCH ENEMY's new album] "Khaos Legions" is to legalize it. You know?"

Gossow continued, "The young generation, they've had a couple of votes now. They're trying to get it legalized. Which is good. It doesn't do any damage to people, except when you're prone to paranoia and schizophrenia then you've got to, you actually have to see a doctor if you've got problems like that. But for most people it's very harmless, compared to hard liquor. And Sweden is very damaged by hard liquor. They have a very high alcoholic rate here, you know. Especially among teenagers, and drinking hard stuff… I mean, honestly, I'd rather see a 16-year-old smoke a spliff than having a bottle of vodka in their hands, you know?"

The Arch Enemy vocalist shared how she stays healthy when indulging. "I use a vaporizer. I'm an asthmatic, so I don't smoke at all," shares Gossow. "So I use a vaporizer because it doesn't irritate my throat at all and it helps my asthma a lot. And you know, since I've been using weed, I haven't had to use any of my steroid inhalers. It really relaxes the airways, opens it up. And also, I will bake cookies with chocolate with it."

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