As Avenged Sevenfold and music fans worldwide honor the memory of Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan on what would have been his 31st birthday, Jimmy’s mom took some time to check in with a touching letter to fans. Born James Sullivan, 'The Rev' died at the age of 28, due to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

In her heartwarming letter “Jimmy’s Mom" talks openly about the love Jimmy had for his family -- both the one he was born into as well as his extended A7X family. She continues to talk about how moved she has been by the outpouring of love, support and compassion for her son throughout the community since his passing.

In the letter, she describes all of the inspirational things found at Jimmy’s grave, including the most moving ones, tokens of sobriety, inspired by Jimmy.

In her closing, she thanks everyone for their support and comfort and most importantly, she wraps it up reminding us all to jump into life and make the most of it, just as Jimmy always did. Read the full letter below:

Tempering the sadness of missing Jimmy these last two years has been the outpouring of love, hugs, thoughts, prayers, and wishes – from his last music recorded and performed so emotionally by his brothers on “Nightmare” – from the kind sentiments expressed by his peers and those he looked up to in magazines and notes – from hugs and stories friends and relatives have shared – to the remembrances posted on-line and tokens left or given to us in person by you, his A7X family. The family you choose is as important as the family you are born into, and Jimmy chose his extended A7X family well.

Because the cemetery clears the grounds every week, I have tried to collect all the items left there, some from as far away as Sweden, Italy and Australia. You have left so many heartfelt notes, drawings, pictures, poems and tokens – from the affectionate “stallion” ducks and rubber “ninja” knives for the knife master, to drumsticks, concert programs, hand-made items and too many to list. No tokens have warmed my heart more though, than recently finding three 2-year-sober coins, as well as more than a dozen more ranging from 1-day to 1-year, proudly left for Jimmy to see.

On this his birthday, I wanted to acknowledge and thank you all for this comfort. Happy Birthday Jimmy – best remember him by jumping into life with all you have in you and living with hope, enthusiasm, love, and a bit of uninhibited silliness.

Thanks and love to you all,
Jimmy’s mom

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