If you’ve ever seen Babymetal live, you know how phenomenal the group’s backing band is. Hell, you can hear their instrumental mastery all over both of Babymetal’s full-length albums. Under the name Kari Band, three of Babymetal’s musical wizards are about to release their own album on April 26.

Babymetal’s backing band is called Kami Band (aka God or Hair Band) but for this record, they’ll be called Kari Band, which means Temporary Band. Comprised of guitarist Mikio Fujioka, bassist BOH and drummer Maeda Aya along with other guest musicians, the band will release a demo which translates as Provisional Sound Source.

The demo will be unleashed via Bellwood Records, which doesn’t mention Babymetal by name in Temporary Band’s biography:

Temporary BAND is a tri-band session band that is active at home and abroad as an artist's back musicians. The band name is not particularly meaningful simply by attaching it properly without a good idea coming up.

Temporary Band actually has a YouTube channel, showcasing some awesome jams which you can check out below. You can also check out the track listing for Provisional Sound Source below. To grab a copy of the demo, head over to Amazon Japan.

Kari Band, Provisional Sound Source Track Listing:

1. Common Time's Logic
2. Chuku
3. Ninja Groove (Ninja)
4. Djentleman
5. Jamrika
6. Snowflakes

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