Among the artists who've been publicly endorsing presidential candidates lately is Bad Wolves' Tommy Vext — who recently declared his support for Donald Trump. After receiving some apparent backlash on social media for his decision, the frontman has defended himself,

"It’s important to remember that in this political climate many of our friends and loved ones will have very different political opinions," Vext wrote in the caption of a new Instagram post.

The vocalist went on to cite that he and Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle have vastly differing opinions from one another, and that they will be voting for who best represents what they believe. However, the musicians do not let their political natures affect the dynamic of the band and the music they make together.

"I feel the way I feel, just like millions of other Americans," he continued. "The 1st amendment is the 1st for a reason. If my black life matters, it should matter regardless if I agree or disagree with any political party."

Regardless of anyones' beliefs, Vext implores everyone to vote.

"I respect diversity of thought amongst my team," he wrote. "I think the world would be a better place if conversations were allowed to bridge the gaps between our differences. Maybe one day the rest of the country will too."

See the full post below.

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