MTV may have given up on music videos long ago, but the art of the video is still alive and well thanks to sites like YouTube and VEVO. Bands are still creating stunning visual accompaniments to their music, and we've got 10 of 2013's best metal videos for you to vote on in the 3rd Annual Loudwire Music Awards.

2013 was extremely artsy for metal music videos. We witnessed tons of animation, thought-provoking topics, extreme confusion and much more from metal's most expressive acts. Check out the music videos below and vote for your favorite!

Black Sabbath, 'God Is Dead?'

Black Sabbath have always criticized war, and here they take the famous quote from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Clips of war and politicians flood the video, which is peppered with flashes of the band members playing as religious dominance is chased with war.


The Dillinger Escape Plan, 'When I Lost My Bet'

"TAKE! … TAKE WHAT YOU CAN!" This video is boiling over with blood, gore, and guts. There's no clear cut story or concept here because nothing with the Dillinger Escape Plan is ever taken at face-value. Whatever the bet was about, we don't want to know.


Ghost B.C., 'Year Zero'

Has the identity of Ghost B.C.'s Papa Emeritus II been revealed? Are those the true faces of the Swedish audiocult? After consuming raw meat the mysterious man's female dinner guests disrobe to become the Nameless Ghouls. The rise of Satan is complete, and thus, the year is now 0.


High on Fire, 'Slave the Hive'

High on Fire are a tripped out band, but Matt Pike and co. may have outdone themselves yet again. The video for 'Slave the Hive' depicts a man going into the hospital for surgery. However, this hospital is run by half-human, half-animal creatures who specialize in reversed 'Island of Lost Souls'-like experiments.


Huntress, 'Zenith'

'Zenith' shows Huntress at their very best both musically and visually. The psilocybin-inclined group deliver their strongest trip with 'Zenith' and this video has all the classic tools like triple-vision of distorted band members and an astral backing.


Kvelertak, 'Bruane Brenn'

Kvelertak's video for 'Braune Brenn' is light-hearted, showcasing kids playing the song rather than the band. 'Braune Brenn' conveys the fun dynamic of Kvelertak's music, which is one reason the Norwegian band developed a notable buzz in 2013.


Meshuggah, 'I Am Colossus'

Meshuggah brought a narrative to 'I Am Colossus,' which is a captivating animated video. A faceless, cloaked woman is taken through a sequence of ghastly events throughout 'I Am Colossus,' denying your fascinated eyes any chance of looking away.


Portal, 'Curtain'

Portal is a sonically terrifying band. The band's music is complex and played at light-speed, allowing analysis to seem impossible at times. The Australian act's nightmare clip for 'Curtain' is hypnotic as horrifying marionettes dance in an unnerving motion.


Protest the Hero, 'Underbite'

Protest the Hero may make technically complex and brilliant music, but they're not the type to take themselves too seriously. The 'Underbite' video is about twice as long as the song itself, but it's by no means long-winded. A cardboard PtH jams for a packed cardboard crowd, but everything is not exactly what it seems.


Toxic Holocaust, 'Acid Fuzz'

Toxic Holocaust's video for 'Acid Fuzz' is exactly what you would expect from a song with that title. Zombie astronauts soar on jetpacks and blow up Heaven, a fire-breathing dragon makes an appearance, and a cobra eats the devil while psychedelic imagery flashes from frame to frame.

Voting for the 3rd Annual Loudwire Music Awards closes on Feb. 11 at 10:00AM EST. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite song wins!