Gritty, raw, passionate and heartfelt — those are key elements of a great empowerment anthem and they're also adjectives you could use to describe the music of upstart Philly rockers Soraia.

The band recently released their new single "Tight-Lipped" and you can feel the passion coursing through the track. Check out the video below and you can pick up the song here.

Soraia, "Tight-Lipped"

Empowerment anthems are something that still inspire Soraia vocalist ZouZou Mansour on a daily basis. So we reached out to ZouZou who provided us with her list of her Top 10 Rock + Metal Empowerment Anthems.

We'll let her take over from here, but be sure to follow Soraia on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, Bandcamp and YouTube.

Since I was small, I’ve wanted to sing songs with teeth, fire and intense passion. I always felt music physically — strongly — like this energy that gripped just underneath my skin and pulled hard. I grew up shy and introverted, yet felt drawn to sing since my earliest memory of even breathing.

My mom would play me songs like Elvis’s “Hound Dog,” The Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night” and Dion’s “Runaround Sue,” and I just had to move. By the time I was 15, I found rock and fell in love. The intensity, fire and emotion I heard in those singers and the guitar tone woke up my soul — there’s no other way to say it.

Soraia, our band, is all about that rawness and heat — we pour everything into our live shows. My lyrics are all based in my own experiences and what we see happening in the world around us, as well as speaking up about being pushed down. This is ultimately why I picked empowerment songs — where the underdog can get up and be the huge hero. There’s a strong visceral feel to our live shows, with each one becoming a completely interactive experience.

I was never the popular kid, but playing rock 'n’ roll sure makes me feel like a hero. I think what our band does brings something really needed into this world. The power of real feeling. After all, Rock Is Eternal.

See my Top 10 Rock + Metal Empowerment Anthems below.

10 Best Rock + Metal Empowerment Anthems, According to Soraia’s ZouZou Mansour

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