Depression affects millions of people around the world and even the famous aren't immune. Black Stone Cherry frontman Chris Robertson is the latest to share his story and reveal how his struggles with depression nearly led him down the path to taking his own life.

Speaking with the You Rock Foundation, Robertson discusses a key moment in his life when he actually had a gun and was preparing to kill himself, but found solace and comfort in prayer and faith that eventually began to turn his life around.

In the videos posted, Robertson recalls, "I was gonna go kill myself. I had the gun loaded." The singer says that after the incident, he visited with his pastor and revealed what had happened. "I prayed right then and there for Jesus to come into my life, and when we finished that prayer, I couldn't talk. I was crying that hard," says Robertson of sharing his story with his pastor. "He patted me on the back when we got done, and I literally fell to my knees -- literally hit my knees and felt like I had 20,000 pounds come off my chest, man. It was the most freeing experience of my life. And since then, every day is easier."

"All those times I thought I was alone, I wasn't," Robertson adds. "When I walked out the door with a gun in my hand to put it in my mouth and pull the trigger, there was somebody stopping me. And for me, it was Jesus. That's what changed my life."

The rocker reveals that prior to that key moment in his life, depression was getting the better of him, as was his desire to self-medicate trying to deal with what he was feeling. He recalls, "For me it used to be about coming out here and getting high at the end of the night and I didn't care about anything else. And now there's more purpose than anything. I got to where I hated music. I couldn't stand it. I had to be high before I walked out onstage in order to do anything, and the greatest gift that was given in my opinion is that I was able to share my story with people."

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Black Stone Cherry's Chris Robertson Speaks With the You Rock Foundation About His Depression