Black Veil Brides fans, get ready for another dramatic reading of fan fiction. Not too long ago, we posted a clip of vocalist Andy Biersack reading a passage of BVB fan fiction, which the band's followers went nuts for. Now, we bring you drummer Christian 'CC' Coma with his own recital of a fan-written story.

CC's delivery from a piece entitled The Luck of the Fallen Angels isn't quite as gushing and raunchy as Accidents Happen, which Biersack read out loud with thrilling emotional range, but it's just as entertaining nonetheless.

The exact portion which CC reads in the video above is taken from Chapter Four of The Luck of the Fallen Angles -- Warped at Last. The main character depicts a hangout with Black Veil Brides on the annual Warped Tour. CC is part of the tale, as is Andy Biersack and bassist Ashley Purdy.

The most interesting part shared in this dramatic reading is the relationship between Biersack and We Are Harlot / ex-Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop. Apparently, Andy's interactions with Danny tend to leave the BVB frontman "as excited as a child on Christmas morning." There's truly nothing like a good bromance.

Watch Christian 'CC' Coma read this piece of fan faction in the clip above. To read the entirety of The Luck of the Fallen Angels yourself, click here.

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