Bleeding Through's highly anticipated seventh full-length album 'The Great Fire' may not be available to buy until tomorrow (Jan. 31), but the band has made the entire disc available for streaming via AOL. The album shows an incredibly aggressive side of Bleeding Through, equipped with booming vocals and razor-sharp production.

We recently spoke with Bleeding Through guitarist Dave Nassie about 'The Great Fire.' "When it came time to start working on it, me, Brian (guitar) and Brandan (vocals) were just throwing down a bunch of ideas," explained Nasse. "We had so much to fish through, so when we all sat together and listened to what everybody have accumulated, it was just a nice mix of stuff. Between Brandan, myself, Brian, Wombacher and Marta, did a heavy contribution on everything. It was such a relaxed process that it came together super fast and when we listened to it at the end we were all pretty blown away at the end result. I don't think even as a band we realized what we put together, we were all super happy with it."

Nassie also gave us an in-depth look into the process of writing and recording the record. "A lot of it was just following each other and saying, "You know what? We're all stoked to be doing it at this point," so we just wanted to make the record we wanted to make. It will fall in line with what people like in the band, which is some of that older sound, but it's still one of the heavier Bleeding Through records."

Check back tomorrow (Jan. 31) for our full interview with guitarist Dave Nassie. In the meantime, take an early listen to Bleeding Through's 'The Great Fire' courtesy of AOL.