As those who attended Knotfest this weekend learned, Born of Osiris are off the road and it appears they will be for some time longer. The band posted a message detailing their decision to drop out of touring "until further notice" after guitarist Lee McKinney broke his foot in multiple spots earlier this week.

The timing was not the best in the world for the band as they just released their new album, Soul Sphere, this week. In fact, the band streamed the disc a few days early, but the good news was offset by McKinney's injury. The guitarist issued his own statement on the matter, which reads as follows:

Thanks for all the love and support you guys have been sending regarding a speedy recovery. My foot was not only dislocated, it was broken/fractured in multiple spots. Surgery was a success. As soon as I get a hard boot on this foot, even though the doctors aren't recommending it - I plan on being out there jamming in a wheelchair on stage Dave Grohl style! Trust me there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

His statement was followed up with a brief message from the band about their impeding plans. It reads as follows:

We will be off tour until further notice and will be not be attending Knotfest tomorrow. We will be back as soon as Lee is tour ready, playing more tracks off our new record.

Born of Osiris had be scheduled to tour with GWAR and Battlecross through Nov. 28. It is unknown if the band will return prior to the tour's completion, so stay tuned here for future details. See the group's itinerary here.