When a band releases their first album, it serves as an honest and raw impression as they transition from local act to professional group. When Born of Osiris tracked their The New Reign debut, the band's members were still just in high school. In celebration of the album's 10th anniversary, they hit the studio to provide a fresh take on the record, now dubbed The Eternal Reign, not just re-recording it, but reimagining the songs with new and different parts. "Abstract Art" is one of the tracks getting a fresh update and you can hear it in the player above.

The most immediate difference is the production quality (hear the original version below), which provides more balance and a significant boost in the sound of the drums, especially the kick. Vocalist Ronnie Canizaro also comes across as more confident in the studio with a chest-thumping performance, delivering his low gutturals contrasted with piercing shrieks.

Guitarist Lee McKinney reflected on the band's beginning, stating, “We are beyond excited to break the silence on what we've been up to this past year. Ten years ago we were seniors in high school in Chicago and spent our spring break recording a record that we had no idea would massively impact our lives. The New Reign was something we all believed in, and for that reason we were all anxious and curious to see how it would be taken."

Explaining how Born of Osiris made this re-recording unique, the axeman went on, “This past year we decided to re-record our debut. I know what you're thinking.... 'they took the album and sent it to someone else to remix / remaster and they are going to re-package and re-sell it.' Wrong! We went to the studio, re-recorded the entire thing, changed guitar riffs / drum parts / bass / vocals and even recorded a new song that I wish made it onto the original version 10 years ago. This song 'Glorious Day' was made before some of the other songs that made the original recording."

The group will embark on a headlining tour, playing the record in its entirety. Support will come from Volumes, Oceans Ate Alaska, Within the Ruins and Fire From the Gods. For a list of dates, click here.

Born of Osiris, "Abstract Art" (Original Version)

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