Breaking Benjamin frontman Ben Burnley visited the Loudwire Facebook Page on Wednesday afternoon (June 17) for a Q&A session with fans and fielded a number of interesting questions. One major revelation during the online chat came when Burnley discussed his continued health issues.

As fans are quite aware, Burnley had health issues plague his career and at times curtail his ability to tour. When Tony LilTony-Bninetyseven G asked how the singer was feeling health-wise, he responded, "Unfortunately, I've gotten no answers from the medical community whatsoever. So I'm still very sick and I've tried everything i could to get to the bottom of my health issues, but the medical community hasn't helped me to find the answers. I'm pushing through because it is either lay down and give up or get up and play music for my fans. If I go down, I'll go down doing what I love for the people I love."

Heather-Mary Stephens checked in and asked Burnley about which Breaking Benjamin album was most fun to write, and the singer revealed it's the new one. "Dark Before Dawn was by far the most fun album I've had writing and recording because I did it myself with no interference from anyone, and I did it with my friends who are in the band now," said the singer.

Loudwire reader Isaiah Diaz got some insight on Burnley's favorite rock band, which the singer revealed was Nirvana. "[They're] a huge influence on me in wanting to pursue a career in music," says the vocalist. "Kurt Cobain was my idol growing up … and Nirvana opened the door for me to appreciate and listen to all different kinds of music." The singer also added that if he could tour with any band that's still around, it would be Korn.

When asked by Cory Zimmer for what advice he would give to bands trying to make it in the business, Burnley stated, "Stay true to what you do. Make sure that it's fun. The minute it starts to seem like a job, get out. Be your own worst critic and make sure that everything that you are doing is top-notch."

During the chat we also learned Burnley's trick for keeping his voice in shape ("gargling with fresh lemon juice and swallowing it three to four times a day"), his top five favorite movies ("1. Star Wars - A New Hope 2. Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back 3. Star Wars - Return of the Jedi 4. The Crow 5. Edward Scissorhands"), favorite superhero ("Superman"), his chosen profession if he hadn't become a musician ("English teacher … English was always my favorite class in school.") and that he's a fan of older rap and hip-hop artists like 2Pac, Onyx, NWA and Sisqo. The vocalist also revealed that the band has kicked around the idea of doing an acoustic studio album.

When asked by Ryan Michael McCrorey how it felt to be touring again, the rock replied, "I'm so grateful for all of the support from the fans. We are all so grateful to be doing what we are doing. Thank you all so much for being the best fans a band could ask for!"

Check out the full Facebook chat at this location.

Breaking Benjamin are ramping up to the release of their Dark Before Dawn album, due June 23. The disc is currently streaming via iTunes and is available to pre-order at iTunes and Amazon. Look for the band on tour at these stops.