Although the 2015 Welcome to Rockville festival in Jacksonville, Fla., was hit by some brutal weather which actually caused the cancellation of various performances, Loudwire Nights host Full Metal Jackie braved the storm to speak with some of your favorite artists!

Since Breaking Benjamin mastermind Ben Burnley returned from a lengthy hiatus, excitement for the band's fifth studio album, Dark Before Dawn, has been electric. Full Metal Jackie asked Burnley about performing the new material live and fan reaction to the fresh cuts.

"I prefer them to kind of know it, so I really don't like to play [new singles] until it's at least kind of got some sort of [radio] play," says Burnley. "Just because people are in a discovery mode when it's not that way and they're just trying to listen. I like them to be pumped up and singing along, that kind of thing. Right now we're only doing 'Failure' in our set, that's the only new song we're doing. Once the album drops, we'll incorporate more and more."

As for the revitalization of Breaking Benjamin, Burnley speaks about the group's new lineup. "Everybody is the perfect fit for the band," Burnley assures fans. "Everybody is totally mutually respectful of one another. Every great relationship is built on respect. You get what you give. Everybody is just totally humbled. We just want to go out, be real and have a really good time with our fans. Everything has been going great, we're really fortunate. We're a fan driven band so we're really nothing but absolutely grateful for all the support we've been getting."

Breaking Benjamin's highly anticipated new album Dark Before Dawn will receive a June 23 release via Hollywood Records. To pre-order the record, click here.

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